Laser Tag Live is an exciting organization that aims to encourage the development of pro-social behavior, as well as other essential life skills in a positive team-building environment. We made it our goal to make laser tag affordable for anyone and everyone.

Not only do we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we have decided to give back to our communities in a much needed way. Instead of owning a building and collecting all the revenue, we give it back to the people by renting local community centers, churches and other pro-community organizations.

Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere in which everyone learns new skills as well as acceptance and concern for others. Our curriculum places gamers in situations requiring them to make decisions that directly affect other gamers, truly giving the gamers the opportunity to build real life leadership skills in real time. 

—Josh Guidry, Founder


Joshua Guidry- Managing Member

2,035 Games Commanded - 6,105 hrs of Game Time

Rank: Managing Member (July 2007 – current)

A leader who keeps his cool under fire who will always help show you that you can do it no matter the odds. Clear, precise command always gives him the ability to turn the tides in any game  or group no matter how difficult. Josh is great with all ages as he as been a youth worker and a business owner for over 15 year. Things he does in his off time are local youth work, hobby farming and being a father to 3 girls. 


Drake Mosteller- Field Commander

87 Games Commanded - 275 hrs of Game Time

A veteran of the US Armed forces and Laser Tag Live Commander Drake gets the job done every time with his dedicated Coach style approach to his event management. On the field he is quick, quiet and cunning as you will almost never see him before he takes you out. In his off time he is also a personal trainer, PE Coach and Active healthy life style enthusiast.


Dustin Raigule- Field Operator

51 Games Commanded - 152 hrs of Game Time

No one has more fun then Operator Dustin as he is truly a kid at heart. Don't let that fool you as he always seems to find away to best everyone in the battlefield. He is our lead "Chess Commander" winner due to his ability to predict, react and over come all situations. You can also find him work at many local youth camps and a leader of many other cool actives or playing table top games with the rest of our staff.

Jordan No Background.png

Jordan Obrastoff -Field Operator

35 Game Commanded -108 hrs of Game Time

Faithfulness, accommodating and reliable are the 3 main traits that define Operator Jordan at all of the events he is in charge of. Also being a Veteran he has the real world skills to help you take your game to the next level of awesomeness. With his long range accuracy you better keep your head down because he never misses. Aside from Laser Tag Jordan also like to be apart of our Stream Team and go out the the shooting range to keep up on his accuracy. 


Field Assistant Lora Burke

50 hrs of Game Time

Our most promising and up and coming field staff. Loras positive attitude and customer service skills is only matched by her efficiency on the playing field. If she is on your team you are almost guaranteed a win with her endless energy and almost uncanny ability to hit a target at any range. In her off time you will find her hiking, hunting and camping in the PNW which she make full use of as the worlds greatest backyard. 


IT/Office Matthew White

Matthew has been a life long friend and aid to our managing member and handles all of our IT work with great skill. You can also catch him workin’ the phones and helping us develop the next great laser tag creation. He is an avid PC gamer as well as a money tree farmer.