The Most Advanced Taggers You Will Ever Game With…

You wont find a cheap plastic tagger with bulky vests in our Armory. We spared no expense to find and create the most top of the line Laser Tagging Equipment in the world. 

All of our equipment is full metal, gamer
tested, and mother approved

Check out or new custom built "G3" the next generation of laser taggin'. Designed by the gamers for the gamers with on the fly programming capability and light weight design no other tagger can even come close to the experience we create with these bad boys!

We still have our Classic weapons that vary in size, weight, ammo allowance, and range. With sound effects that are so realistic you will hear the shells hitting the floor.Not to mention the patented advanced anti-cheating technology, will let you experience laser tag like never before.

 A Gaggle of Girls gaming it up with our "G3" Taggers