Laser Tag Live is the coolest new indoor/outdoor team-based game you will play anytime and anywhere at any age.


Laser tag is a LIVE modern day video game, but your thumbs are no longer calling the shots, you are! There is no paint, no mess, and no projectiles, so you can be sure that everyone is playing it safe. Our gaming system has been built around safe, robust, and reliable high-tech infrared weapons.

You no longer wear some bulky vest, and the taggers are not flimsy si-fi looking molded piece of plastic that looks like it belongs in the hands of Captain Kirk. We are all about high quality gear, high quality staff, and a high quality experience.

You will not walk away feeling ripped off, dissatisfied, or empty handed. Laser tag will have been one of the most awesome experiences of your life for a price far less then what you though it was worth.