Myth noun : 1. Any invented story, idea or concept

We here at Laser Tag Live are surprised at all the Myths that people believe  when it comes to laser tag. Well its high time someone sets you straight about the truth of what laser tag really is!

Myth: "Laser Tag is an indoor sport"

Laser Tag Live can be played indoor, outdoors or if your feeling really adventurous both!

Myth: "Laser Tag only works in the dark"

Our tagger work just as good in the day light as they do at night

Myth: "Laser Tag is for kids"

Usually after most of our younger gamers "B-Day Battle" the parents will book their own event for themselves and their friends. We also host plenty of corporate events and post collage and early career gettogethers.

Myth: "Laser tag is for boys"

To be quite honest girls generally get more into the gaming then the boy and they are usually better at it. Girls stick in groups, talk to each other and look out for one another which are 3 of the 5 key elements to a successful squad. Since the open night of "The Hunger Games" we have seen a huge increase in our girl gamer numbers.

Myth: "You have to wear a huge dorky vest"

Laser Tag Live utilizes a new type of sensor design that is not much bigger then a golf ball cut in half. head band design that no longer requires you to wear a vest and if your worried about lame looking taggers go check out or Equipment page. If we didn't want to game with it we wouldn't own it.

Myth: "The taggers don't shoot very far and you don't even have to aim to hit someone"

Truth: Laser Tag Live runs with some of the most well built taggers in the world. Which means if you can see em' you can hit em' up to 120 yards away consistently day or night. We also have equipped every tagger with a real Red Dot Scope because you do have to aim to hit your targets. In fact we sight our guns on a regular basis to make sure what you are aiming at is what you are actually hitting.

Myth: "The taggers are not safe for your eyes, I better bring sun glasses or safety glasses to protect myself"

Laser Tag Live tagger use "Infrared Light" which is invisible to the human eye and is 100% safe, no safety glasses required. If you would like to read more about CLICK HERE

On a side note we here at Laser Tag Live would never use anything that would be harmful to gamers, how do you know we are telling the truth? Simple, first and foremost the safety of our gamers gamer is our number one concern and we the owners/refs/field commanders are Laser Tag Live Gamers too. We clocked some serious gaming hours with on ill effects.

Myth: "I have never played Laser Tag before, there is no way I could pull off a Laser Tag Live party."

Don't worry! All you have to do is bring the gamers and we will handle the rest. Our Field Commanders will run the entire Laser Tag portion of the evening. This leaves you free to wrap last minute presents, pick up the pizza, put the finishing touches on the birthday cake or just kick back and relax while you watch your gamer have the time of their life. Will do all the work and you can take all the credit for the best party ever. 



There are alot of myths and sterotypes about what laser tag is and we are hear to bust them.