We have worked with the “6 month prior party planning power houses” to the “One week what do I do-er” with one common response…that was so easy, organized, and fun for everyone…even me! In most cases all you need to do is fill out the booking form, invite the kids, and we handle the rest!

No matter the age they’re gonna have fun

Whether you’re 45 year old beginners needing to get the hang of our equipment, or a 7 year old game hardened expert, we put everyone on a level playing field guaranteed to have fun. Your event will be talked about for weeks as "The coolest thing ever"

Biggest bang for your buck

Think of how much money you spend going to the movies or a sports game. Usually your looking at a price tag of $45 a person to sit there and watch someone else have the fun. This isn’t even counting the gas money, time spent getting everyone together, and the infamous “shotgun debate”.  Now you can get in on the action for a fraction of the price! Not only are we offering a better price then most any other activity you can do, we bring the fun to you!
So what are you waiting for? Put that gas money in your wallet and get in on the action!