Founded by life long professional event coordinator Joshua Guidry in 2007, Laser Tag Live is the first and most respected mobile laser tag companies in the pacific northwest.


Laser Tag Live is an exciting organization that aims to encourage the development of pro-social behavior, as well as other essential life skills in a positive team-building environment. We made it our goal to make laser tag affordable for anyone and everyone.

Not only do we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we give back to our communities in a much needed way. Instead of owning a building and collecting all the revenue, we give it back to the people by renting local community centers, churches and other pro-community organizations.

Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere in which everyone learns new skills as well as acceptance and concern for others. Our curriculum places gamers in situations requiring them to make decisions that directly affect other gamers, truly giving the gamers the opportunity to build real life leadership skills in real time. 

—Josh Guidry, Founder



Portraits by Lindsey Guidry


Drake Mosteller

Chief of Training

Director of School Yard Sports


Josh Guidry

Managing Member


Jordan Obrastoff

Chief of Community Connection


Support Staff

Josh Guidry
Field Commander

Drake Mosteller
Field Commander

Jordan Obrastoff
Field Commander

Matthew White

Walter Warren

Lindsey Guidry

Nicholas Gunter
Field Operator

Sam Miller
Field Operator

Jack Bartelheimer
Field Assistant

Lora Burk
Field Assistant

Open Positions

Field Operators

Are the heart of every Laser Tag Live event. We are always on the hunt for individuals who have that coll camp counselor role. Having fun, working well with all age ranges and comfortable being the center of attention in large groups is a must. Flexible work hours, great pay and even better tips make this role perfect to fit your schedule.



  • +2 Years of Driving Experience

  • Able to dodge, dive, dip, duck and dodge while host events

  • Past Experience working with youth preferred

Venue Hosts

Having places to regularly host Laser Tag Live can be hard to come by. If you think that the location your in charge of would make a great location for a Laser Tag Live Venue let us know.



  • Must be in charge of event planning

  • Willing to work with a For Profit organisation

  • Able to respond to requests within 48 hours


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