Our Pricing Options

Every party is unique in what it needs

With our build-an-event style pricing we let you be in control of the cost


Includes everything you need to host a successful Laser Tag Live event.


Feel like bigger is better…. we agree and provide a variety of awesome ways to accomplish that mission.

Extra Travel

Beyond our standard area of operation? A Ferry ride away or some other travel related consideration.


Starter Event Pricing


The Starter Pacakge 2019.png
How our pricing works Rev 2.png

Full Fire Team

Add 6 extra Laser Taggers to have 20 gamers playing at one time. This upgrade is a great option for large groups.


Extra Life

Add 30 extra minutes of event time to get a few more rounds in.  This upgrade can be added more then once so we can be on site for as long as you need. 


Fully Fortified 

Add 6 extra Pop Up bunkers to your event giving you enough cover to fill a standard size gym or empty field. 



Pump It Up

Convert your Pop Ups to our custom built self inflating bunkers. They are great for cover as well as cooling down an indoor space durring the hot summer months. 




If your just a few miles beyond our standard area of operation we can simply add in a few extra miles one way… as the trip back to base is on us.


Ferry/Bridge/Paring Toll


Encountering a toll is usually a no go for most mobile companies. Not with us! We are happy to accommodate your request for just the cost of the toll

Long Trip 2.jpg

DRive Time

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For those long drives, ferry waits and other moments when your field commander will be spending more time then normal getting to your battle.