COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy Update

Office Staff Updates 

All Non-essential have elected to take leave to reduce the number of people at our base of operations. In addition to off setting work hours for those that remain at work.

All Field Staff have agreed to stay home if they are not feeling 100%

Staff conduct inspections of equipment with UV Flashlights prior to mobilizing.

Hand sanitizer and/or wipes are available for all staff at all times onsite.

Equipment Policies

equipment is sanitized on site prior to anyone having access to it

All Equipment is made of Aluminum Alloy & Military Grade Plastic which is easy to clean

If a piece of equipment need to be exchanged it will be wiped down prior to changing hands.

All of our equipment requires 2 hands to use and is for personal use only

Gameplay Policies

We will be limiting Game play to 20 people

Field Commanders will only permit healthy gamers to play.

All players will remain at least 6’ apart during gameplay and game briefings will be less then 3 min in between rounds.

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