Frequently Asked Questions

As A Parent Or Host What Do I Need To Take Care Of?

Planning a party with us is simple because all you need to do is tell is when and where. We will set you up with your Party Performance Agreement. After that’s done, just invite the kids! We take care of the rest, taking the battle out of the planning and putting it into the fun. 

How Does Pricing Work?

Our general party package is one flat rate for however many kids you would like to attend. That way you don't have to worry about your guest list, extra fees or price changes due to circumstances and can focus on the fun.   

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play?

There is no minimum age, but the laser taggers are not light so we suggest that the age be 7 and above. A 6 to 7 year old might have trouble carrying the 4lb tagger for more than our standard event time length. Usually a 6 year old or younger will team up with their guardian to help them play.

How Many People Can Play At Once?

We can host games for hundreds of people, but not all at once. If you have a big group, we run a round robin type game, where part of the group gets a rest while the others play. We can also run large games in a festival type atmosphere, where people play short 10 min games. Laser Tag Live makes a great addition to other activities you may have planned, like in a school fair setting. We suggest a minimum of 6 players, and can run 20 players at any one time.

Is There A Deposit?

Yes, a $100 for standard events and 50% of total cost for larger events.

What Is Mobile Laser Tag?

Imagine paintball without projectiles. No pain, no mess, and no projectiles means you will be living out your favored video game in real life. We bring our custom built Laser Taggers, Pop Ups, and staff to create the most epic event in the location of your choosing any time, anywhere, inside or out.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Event?

We ask that you give us at least 72 hour notice to give us enough time to prepare for your event. Our calendar tends to fill up fast two weeks prior to most dates. We always encourage to book 2 to 3 weeks out so you have a better chance of landing the time and date you would like.

Is There Any Weather Condition We Can't Play In?

Yes, we will reschedule any outdoor game if thunder or lighting occurs during at any time during our event. Our equipment can be safely operated in almost any other weather condition your players are willing to play in. We will gladly reschedule because of inclement weather.

How Do I Get Permission To Play In A Public Park?

You need to contact whatever park authority governs which ever park you are interested in gaming at to get permission. They may require paperwork, or a rental of a picnic area to allow you to use the park for your party.

What If More/Less People Show Up Than We Planned?

We are more than happy to add them to the game so long as we have the equipment available. If not we can cycle all 20 spots so everyone can get in the game.

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