Inflated Gym.jpg

Pump it Upgrade $50

If you decide to host your event with the Pump it Upgrade you will have these custom build self inflating barriers. We can put these anywhere and because they require no shore power set up is simple and easy.

Its a Breeze 

Our Inflatables are designed much like a bouncy house with an ever inflating fan. The air exits through the breathable material creating a nearly  unnoticeable breeze. This feature really helps with cool down gyms and gamers on warm days.


Standard Pop Up

The Doghouse Hunting Blind is a quick set up 4'x4' Cube that works well for any event. They work so well that we include 4 of them in every rental so we always got you covered.

Fully Fortified Upgrade $50

4 is great but 10 Pop Ups is better. If you are needing to fill a gym or a big empty field the fully fortified package is your best best.