LARP June 2018.png

Full Immersion Experience

Laser Tag Live LARPs are much like our standard events but we kick it up a notch with 8 hours of gameplay . You will play out full length 30 min to 1 hour scenarios with multiple objectives and tasks for your team to complete over a large playing area all while trying to prevent the opposition forces from doing the same. Laser Tag Live staff will be onsite to Ref the game but it is up to your team on how you secure the victory.

Customize your Character 

When you play you will gain experience points to level up your characters abilities on the field. Below you will see a standard character sheet that shows the perks you unlock and how they affect your squad. You can also gain experience from volunteering and promoting our LARP program.  Pick your build carefully as once you choose your path their is no going back. 


Realistic Gameplay 

Your heath, ammo and ability to revive are based on how you choose to put your team together and the experience each gamer has earned over their career. Unlike most of our other events ending up in the grave yard is a permanent status for the remainder of  the round. Keep your wits about you.

Choose your Difficulty 

f your looking to earn more XP during events you can choose to make the game play more difficult for your team to earn XP multipliers. Friendly Fire, Less Life, Time Cap are all great ways to challenge your team and really make that win worth it.