G3 Tagger   Built: 2015       Inventory: 25       Age Range 8+             Max Distance: 100 yrds

Girls and Taggers.JPG

The G3 is our custom build system that is designed for both Indoor & outdoor game play. With it weighing in at just over 5 lbs it is our lightest and farthest reaching tagger on the field. This is equipment features our on-the-fly programming which gives our field commanders the ablity to custom programming your tagger to suit your game play in between rounds. With over 30 editable features and versatile design everyone who games with end up enjoying this tagger the most. 

Adventure Tagger   Built: 2013       Inventory: 20       Age Range 7+             Max Distance: 75 yrds


The Adventure Tagger is a medium weight less realistic looking tagger. Its boxy design is also helpful for younger gamers to hang onto. These taggers also support a Red Dot scope to really give you that video game experience. This tagger also have been retrofitted with on-the-fly editing much like our G3's. This a great tagger for anyone on the field. 

BFS Tagger   Built: 2005       Inventory: 20       Age Range 10+             Max Distance: 150 yrds

BFS Table Set Up (7).JPG

Our BFS taggers have seen the most action out of our entire inventory and are still running strong to this day. They do run a more basic program so we can focus on the game play more so then the programming.  After 13 years of service some of our gamers today are younger then this rugged set that as been generating happy gamers for over a decade.