This is the most popular game that is generally played for a majority of our event. Each gamer is given a set amount of lives and once out return to the graveyard. The team with the most gamers left standing at the end of the gametime are the winners. 

Tiny Teams - Instead of attempting to eliminate a single opposing force, you will face up to 3 different teams.

Divisions - Your team will be given access to 3 different classes: Heavy, Sniper, and Infantry. Anyone can play any class. May the best load out win!


You’ll be yelling this for the majority of this game. One person on each team is elected medic and equipped with a single medic box. When gamers are tagged out they will have 2 minutes to return to their medic to be healed. If they don't receive medical attention within the time limit they will be eliminated and head to the grave yard. When the medic is tagged out they will head to the grave yard and that team can no longer be revived.  The game is over when one team has been completely eliminated.  

Legendary Medic - When tagged out gamers must lay down and have their medic come revive them. Watch out for the ambush!



Two gamers are "Terminators" with everyone else being the resistance. Terminators are equipped with fully automatic, max fire rate, large capacity laser blasters while the resistance team has the standard semi-automatic 25 round clip rifle. However the Resistance has an unlimited number of respawns but also only have 12 minutes to eliminate the Terminators before their frequency jammers run out of juice and they can call for back up.


Just like the movies, there are no teams. You can make alliances but remember the only way to survive is to be the last person standing.


Hunger Games