Standard Party Packages

Packages Include: 12 Laser Taggers, Up to 18 participants, 25 Miles of Travel*, 4 Camo Pop Up Bunkers, 2 Support Boxes, and 1 Field Commander.

Great For Kids Ages 7+

Boys & Girls of any age can play together as our Field Commanders will customize the program for each player in order to level and balance the playfield so that everyone participating has a great experience. Our custom built taggers are designed to be easy to use and fun to play with, even with little to no experience.

Groups up to 24 (3 Rounds per Guest)

We will host up to 6 progressive program rounds that we can switch players in and out with ease.  However, if you don't want players to rotate in and out of rounds, make sure you reserve enough taggers for all the participants.

2-Hour Party


12 Taggers, Up to 18 Participants
Available at a Variety of Times

1.5-Hour Party


12 Taggers, Up to 18 Participants
Available at (10am & 7pm only)

Custom Event Quotes

All custom events will be quoted by Laser Tag Live within 1-2 business days after request is made via the Event Inquiry Button below. Customer quotes should be requested for the following situations:
1. An event location that is over 25 miles away from High Trek Adventures in South Everett
2. The number of participants exceeds 24.
3. The length of the event exceeds 2 hours.
4. The desired location is a park or other unique location.
5. Any other unique requests for the battlefield or add-ons other than additional taggers.

*View info on Travel Considerations for distances over 25 Miles

Mobile Laser Tag Fortifications

Laser Tag requires some cover to hide behind when playing.  In open areas this becomes a critical component of your mobile field. Having more objects to provide cover for the players enhances the experience.

Standard Fortifications

Upgrade Options

The Doghouse Hunting Blind is a quick set up 4'x4' Cube that works well for any event. They work so well that we include 4 of them in our standard mobile laser tag package so we always got you covered. However, if you want more bunkers here are some other options.

Extra Life - $50

Add 30 extra minutes of event time to get a few more rounds in. This upgrade can be added more than once so we can be on site for as long as you need.

Fully Fortified $50

4 Pop Ups are great, but 10 Pop Ups are even better. If you are needing to fill a gym or a big empty field the fully fortified package is your best bet.

Pump It Up $50

Convert your Pop Ups to our custom built self inflating bunkers. They are great for cover as well as cooling down an indoor space during the hot summer months. 

Still have questions?
Check out our Mobile Laser Tag FAQ

Looking for something more than just the basics? 

Not a problem with an inventory of over 80 Taggers and 40 Bunkers we can accommodate any size event. Check our our upgrades by hitting the link below. If you are a professional event planner give us a call and ask us about our bulk rate pricing. 

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