Class Descriptions

Learn about all the classes we offer here at School Yard Sports!

Yoga Icon website.png


The science of Yoga! Connect with your body and the world around you, interact with yourself and others in a fun enjoyable way, stretch together, grow together, and enjoy being present!

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Playground Ninjas

Get up! Run! Jump! Roll! Swing! Ninjas are incredible at moving their  bodies swiftly in any direction over any terrain. Learn to move safely and build stability for the future. Push Ups, Pull Ups, running jumping swinging. Everything you need to be able to move like a Ninja!

Dodgeball website.png


Not your Grandparents Dodgeball! We believe when coached right Dodgeball can build respect, comradery and teamwork. We successfully integrate kids of all skill levels to play, have fun, and work together through all different variations of Dodgeball related games!

Jump Rope website.png

Jump Rope

Picked up a Jump rope lately? Its harder than it looks! But with a little practice and a lot of effort anyone can be a happy,  jumping jackrabbit!

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Running Club

“The body is given out on loan – don’t waste it and expect to use it tomorrow”. Get together and do some running, motivate one another to progress towards new goals, you never know how far you can go till you try!

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Jedi Academy

“No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda. Anyone can be a Jedi no matter how small! Learn to be a Jedi, stay disciplined and respect your elders you must.


Fitt Club

Get fitt by having fun! Move, groove and learn to love the process!